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Exam Information

  The Creative Consciousness® International Coach Diploma


The Consciousness Coaching® Academy (CCA) 
offers you to acquire the ICF accredited
“Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®


What CCA is looking for in the diploma exam is that you are competent in conducting professional coaching according to the ICF core competencies and CC® add-ons. Furthermore, CCA is looking for you to be accomplished in your coach-Being and competent in the CC® Awareness Creations.

To enter and participate in the exam process of acquiring your International Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®, you need to register and purchase the CC® exam component from your CC® representative in your area. 


The examinations are facilitated via Skype and consist of 3 parts

  1. Written Exam (50 minutes)

    The written exam commences with the student being on Skype at the scheduled exam time; student will receive the written exam questionnaire as a Word file via email file transfer and must return it after latest 50 minutes via file transfer again. Student is to answer 25 questions (some multiple choice). The pass mark is 80%. Student will receive the written exam results within 12-72 hours via email. On successfully passing the written exam, student will be invited to enter the oral exam.

  2. Upcoming dates for the written part of the CC exam in 2017:

    • December 10, 8:00 am (EU time), 9:00 am (SA time)Final submission date - December 3, 3:00 pm (EU time), 4:00 pm (SA time)


    • February 4, 8:00 am (EU time), 9:00 am (SA time)Final submission date - January 28, 3:00 pm (EU time), 4:00 pm (SA time)

    • April 15, 8:00 am (EU/SA time)Final submission date - April 8, 3:00 pm (EU/SA time)

    • June 17, 8:00 am (EU/SA time)Final submission date - June 10, 3:00 pm (EU/SA time)

    • August 12, 8:00 am (EU/SA time)Final submission date - August 5, 3:00 pm (EU/SA time)

    • October 14, 8:00 am (EU/SA time)Final submission date - October 7, 3:00 pm (EU/SA time)

    • December 2, 8:00 am (EU time), 9:00 am (SA time)Final submission date - November 25, 3:00 pm (EU time), 4:00 pm (SA time)

  3. Oral Exam (35 minutes)

    The oral exam takes place via Skype conference call, attended by a student, a role-playing client from CCA and the examiner. The CCA examiner will look for you demonstrating your skills according to ICF PCC core competencies levels and CC® being and doing criteria. 
  4.  Assessment and feedback (20 minutes) 

You shall receive feedback and the total exam result either immediately after your oral exam or within 48-72 hrs after that. 


Requirements and documents for entering the diploma exam

  • given a minimum of 8 paid coaching sessions to your paying clients*
  • given a minimum of 8 coaching sessions to your DCTP coach peers
  • received a minimum of 8 coaching sessions from your DCTP coach peers OR 6 coaching sessions from a CCA coach (contact your local licensee for more info) PLUS 2 coaching sessions from your DCTP coach peers
  • 10 mentor coaching hours: 
    1. received 6 observed coaching sessions (1h each) from the CCA OCS assessor with a minimum of 2 different paying or non-paying clients*
    2. followed by 3 CCA mentor coaching sessions (1h20min each, 4 hours in total)**
  • given 3 peer observed coaching sessions to at least 2 different DCTP coach peers (your peer needs to be coaching a non-CC client)
  • Testimonial in writing (Word document or Email) from one of your student coach peers.
  • Testimonial in writing (Word document or Email) from one of your paying clients.
  • A complete outline of your personal coaching model or a statement that you choose to use
    the Consciousness Coaching® model (logbook, coach and client protocols, giving Awareness Creations, using tools like 3C tools, IRP, CC forgiving procedure, etc.) 

* Paying and non-paying clients should be non-CC® clients, i.e. someone who is not a M1 graduate

** See dates here

After you have purchased the exam component from your local licensee, you have 12 months to use your OCS sessions and 24 months to pass your written and oral exams.

Please request the full requirements for entering the diploma exam and the sumission format from Bilgehan Bulut This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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