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CCA Credentialing

CCA Credentialing
CCC®, ECC® and CCMC® levels of
Consciousness Coaching®

This information has been designed to support you in attaining
and applying for your Consciousness Coaching® credential.


Purpose of the Consciousness Coaching® credentialing program is to

§  Establish and administer minimum standards for credentialing Consciousness Coaches®,

§  Assure the public that participating coaches meet or exceed these minimum standards,

§  Reinforce Consciousness Coaching® as a distinct and recognized brand and coaching method.

The Consciousness Coaching® credential is awarded to professional coaches who validate that they meet or exceed these minimum standards.

To determine which Consciousness Coaching® credential recognizes your amounts of training and experience, please consult the table below: 





Coach-Specific Training

Coaching Experience

Certified Consciousness Coach® (CCC®)

CCA Diploma Professional Consciousness Coaching®


Expert Consciousness Coach® (ECC®)

CCA CC® Diploma + MoS graduation

250 hours

Consciousness Coaching® Master Coach (CCMC®)

CCA CC® Diploma + MoS + MoR graduation

1250 hours

*Complete list of requirements for the credentials are below 

Benefits of being an accredited Consciousness Coach

  • you will be entitled to present and market yourself as an accredited Consciousness Coach®
  • you will be listed on the CCA and CC® licensees websites (visitors can identify Consciousness Coaches® near their area, feel the person behind the photograph, read your resume and contact you; leads are forwarded to you within 48hrs).
  • you will be considered to be included in Creative Consciousness joint ventures.
  • you will be considered for coaching jobs of Creative Consciousness corporate ventures.
  • you will be included in the considerations around receiving quality prospect leads seeking Consciousness Coaching® services.
  • being linked to the international community of Consciousness Coaches® will give you access to like-minded people all over the world, support and friendship.

For all the details regarding application requirements, please refer to the application documents in your M3 P2 workbook, or request the info from CCA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Complete Application Requirements





ICF Credential




A letter of reference from an ECC® or a CCMC® who have heard or observed your coaching (can be from the same ECC® or CCMC® that marked OCS positive)

Having successfully acquired the CC® diploma


Joining the Facebook group of oral exam role players: Creative Consciousness - Oral Exam Role Players


Written statement that you choose to use the CC® model in your coaching sessions


1 (from CCMC®)

Letters of reference from paying clients



OCS marked positive by an ECC®*



OCS marked positive by a CCMC®*



Coaching Experience
(hours of given paid CC® sessions)



Other Requirements


MoS graduation
CC® 6CS Coach
CC® OCS Assessor

MoS + MoR graduation
CC® Mentor Coach
CC® Oral Examiner

*Please note that the ECC®’s or CCMC®’s can charge you for the OCS’s you book with them.
The maximum charge is R700/€70 for an ECC
® OCS and R900/€90 for a CCMC® OCS.



Application fee*




Certified Consciousness Coach® (CCC®)

R 500

€ 50

Expert Consciousness Coach® (ECC®)

R 750

€ 75

Consciousness Coaching® Master Coach (CCMC®)

R 900

€ 90

 *The application fee covers:

  • set up costs for your internet appearance on the Consciousness Coaching® website(s)
  • putting you into the preferred referral system
  • maintaining the radar on you and managing the quality control process
  • manually forwarding you every request of prospects who wish to connect with you via the website
  • on ECC® and CCMC® level: application assessment fees


Application procedure

Please read through and fill out the application form, the statement of agreement and attach all required documentation.

1.      fill out application form

2.      attach all required documentation

3.      pay the application fee

4.      after having received your complete material, you will receive a certificate on the granted level

Your application and associated documentation will not be returned. Please make a copy of your application and supporting documents before submitting your application package. The submitted material will not be returned to you. While it is important that you fully document your experiences, do not over document. Do not include books or extraneous materials and please do not bind your application.

This application must be sent with appropriatepayment to be processed. The normal processing time, provided all materials are included with the application, is 10 to 20 days after the date the application is received at the Consciousness Coaching® Academy.

We congratulate you on your decision to take thisimportantstep in your career.

Application and renewal form: Consciousness Coach® Credentialing Application Form (CCC, ECC, CCMC)