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На данный момент доступны только на английском языке.

DVD Catalogue ‘Blue series’ – Master I The Awareness Process™

You can order the DVDs, CDs & books any time from your local Consciousness Coaching® supplier.

This live recording 2010 in Brussels at a Consciousness Coaching® introduction evening to the public is a journey into the nature and dynamics of consciousness. .

Marc Steinberg shows step by step the aspects and relations of the mind, the subconscious and consciousness and suggests possibilities to start activating our full potential.

R 120 / €20 Order no: 10000
The Tahiti Principle is a concept introduced by Marc Steinberg exploring the context of consciousness. This exploration exposes the possibilities of living in a new context – Tahiti - a context in which abundance, love, success, achievement and joy exist effortlessly and naturally.

The power and possibilities of context are further exposed while uncovering the distinction between knowledge and wisdom.

R 150 / €18 Order no: 10010
“Being right & Looking good” engages the viewer in an inquiry into the two most dominant factors of being a human being that keep us stuck and hinder us to be authentic, alive and fully self expressed.
Recorded live 2010 in Cape Town.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10013
2-DVD set In this powerful two-disk DVD set Marc Steinberg covers, in depth, the context of human beings and how little control we really have over our environment and experiences.

Disk #1 introduces the concepts of Thrownness, resignation as the core human condition, and an enquiry into our thoughts and feelings.

Disk #2 Marc Steinberg makes and enquiry into what we would use our lives for should we not be controlled by Identity and Thrownness.

R 210 / €30 Order no: 10014
In this enquiry, Marc Steinberg discusses being “On It”, how to recognise when we are “On It” and how to empower ourselves by getting “Off It”.

This leads into an empowering enquiry, discussing our power to act independently from our thinking and feeling, opening an entirely new possibility of being – “Being my word” as a way of life.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10015
Marc Steinberg discusses Love and relationships, our concept of them and the context within which they exist.

This enquiry delves into the possibility of letting go of the concept of love, and creating a new context for love, opening our minds to the possibility that love is a state of Being, and not an emotion.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10016
Powerful and emotive, this enquiry explores Inauthenticity and Resignation and provides the platform from which we become empowered to recognise our own Inauthenticity and be Authentic about it – the first step towards becoming Authentic.

The enquiry then moves into an exploration of Self Delusion and further, into Love as true Authenticity.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10017
An enquiry into the undeniable indifference the universe has for our opinions. An eye-opening and empowering enquiry into the access we have to impact reality.

Marc Steinberg discusses the “Stories” we have about our lives, the people in it and the experiences we have, and opens up the possibility that the way we experience life is not based on the reality, or “Isness” of what is, but on the filters through which we see the world.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10018
2-DVD set This two-disk DVD set includes two core enquiries, the first being the myth of our Identity. Marc Steinberg discusses the power of distinctions and language and creates a massive shift in the way we view the importance of our relationship with our Identity.

The second enquiry discusses creating a new Self. Here Marc discusses the influence context has on Identity, the power of creation through speech and living by and as your word.

210 / €30 Order no: 10012
Control and Defence are two concepts introduced by Marc Steinberg as the Identities way of protecting itself against the threat of living 100%.

In “Control and Defence” Marc Steinberg also discusses the consequences of living from fear.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10019
An enquiry into creating new realities by creating the context for them. The experiences you have are the experiences you choose to have, and who you are now is determined by what you are committed to live into and what states of consciousness you desire.

The Future is Now explores the possibility of experiencing any desired state of consciousness by committing, incorruptibly to a future…NOW!

R 150 / €20 Order no: 10011

Only for MII graduates

DVD Catalogue ‘Green series’ – Master II The Creation Process™


In this DVD, Marc covers the 5 conditions for Getting and Ghandi’s approach of “Being the change you want to see in the world”

As a Consciousness Coach®, others can only get what you have gotten – your children, your friends and all those you communicate with - when you are speaking from Getting rather than understanding.

R 150 / €20 Order no: 20001

“Listening”, as an enquiry introduced by Marc Steinberg, has a clear distinction from “hearing”. Marc explores the impact Thrownness has on your listening, opens our consciousness to the concept that we may be Listening for things, rather than Listening to them, and therefore which of our ‘Listenings’ are Self-created.

This DVD discusses the Listening formula for Consciousness Coaching® - recognising your Listening, and the mastery of it!

R 150 / €20 Order no: 20002

In this enquiry Marc distinguishes and defines Forgiving, exploring what happens in our Consciousness when we do not forgive – others and ourselves!

What do we attract into our lives when we do not forgive? What shape will our future take when our present is clouded with unforgiveness, and how do we start to forgive?

R 150 / €20 Order no: 20003

In this inquiry, Marc discusses Completion and Incompletion. He distinguishes the different categories of Incompletions and differentiates Completion from ending. Marc describes Completion as a movement, not a destination and discusses Completion as a way of life and the possibilities of a consciousness being complete.

A brilliant final enquiry in the series!

R 150 / €20 Order no: 20004

Only for MIV graduates

DVD Catalogue ‘Silver series’ – Master IV The Success Process™

EFFECTIVENESS – The Key to Power

In this DVD you get introduced to the key principles of power and effectiveness.

Studying this material creates new levels of awareness for you – all around getting you fit to read the top in your areas of choice.

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40010

Time and Timing are critical conditions for success to happen. If you have money but no time or time but no money – you’re always limited.

Transform your relationship to time by using he principles and distinctions shown by Marc Steinberg on this DVD.

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40011
SALES POWER – Sales Mastery 1

Selling is an art and becomes you when you care to build your competencies carefully. Transforming Selling and developing a love relationship to the sales process is possible liberating and beautiful.

This DVD shifts your attitude towards selling forever!

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40012
THE ART OF SELLING – Sales Mastery 2

In this DVD you get shown step by step how to sell masterfully, gracefully and successfully.

As a bonus, Marc Steinberg helps you to transform your relationship to the phone.

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40013
– Sales Mastery 3

Even after the best sales conversations, most of the time the prospect gets stuck in a “yes but”.

Instead of clever tricks, manipulation or conviction, Marc Steinberg shows you an incredible transformational Objection Handling procedure!

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40014
BEING! YOUR PRODUCT - Sales Mastery 4

This DVD is the crown of the sales training of Marc Steinberg. In “Being! Your Product” you get introduced to highly advanced distinctions that allow you unlimited power and success.

“Being! Your Product” is the last missing part of you becoming unbeatable!

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40015

MONEY and LOVE are no contradiction in Isness. As always, it's the way we use it that makes it a STOP or a YES vote. But surely, before you can use it you got to have it. And that's the purpose of the DVD.

R 190 / €26 Order no: 40016